Drupal Modules: The One Percent — Office Hours (video tutorial)

Episode 4

Here is where we look at Drupal modules running on less than 1% of reporting sites. Office Hours allows you to easily display repeating weekly time schedules.



I want to allow users to book appointments on available dates and time. Let us say I have a content type "Doctors". Clients should be able to book appointments or in other words a node. Not the whole node obviously, but a node divided in different time slots. You know what I mean.

The node will obviously be available, unavailable or booked controlled by the doctor. I mean the real human doctor. The client should not be able to book an appointment for unavailable or booked dates and time. It does not have to accept payments, just booking.

Can your module do this or help in this matter? If not,

what module combination would you suggest?

The closest I have found is https://www.drupal.org/project/appointments but it seems there are lot of bug reports in issue queue

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